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天瓏網路書店-Sound Capture and Processing: Practical Approaches (Hardcover)

Request Full-text. View in Source. Provides state-of-the-art algorithms for sound capture, processing and enhancement Sound Capture and Processing: Practical Approaches covers the digital signal processing algorithms and devices for capturing sounds, mostly human speech.


It explores the devices and technologies used to capture, enhance and process sound for the needs of communication and speech recognition in modern computers and communication devices. This book gives a comprehensive introduction to basic acoustics and microphones, with coverage of algorithms for noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation, dereverberation and microphone arrays; charting the progress of such technologies from their evolution to present day standard. Graduate students studying electrical engineering and computer science, and researchers in multimedia, cell-phones, interactive systems and acousticians will also benefit from this book.

References 1 Citations References 1. Published on Jul 21, Cited By Weighted delay-and-sum beamforming guided by visual tracking for human-robot interaction. Estimated H-index: 4.

Estimated H-index: This paper describes the integration of weighted delay-and-sum beamforming with speech source localization using image processing and robot head visual servoing for source tracking. We take into consideration the fact that the directivity gain provided by the beamforming depends on the angular distance between its main lobe and the main response axis of the microphone array.

A visual servoing scheme is used to reduce the angular distance between the center of the video frame of a robot camera an Impact of early reflection on real-time estimation of direction of arrival in different building environments. Published on Jan 1, in Building and Environment 4.

Abstract This study developed an 8-channel microphone array to track the location of a sound source in real time. In addition, a system that implements the GCC—PHAT function as the main algorithm was developed to measure the direction of arrival DoA in four spaces with different space volumes and reverberation times RTs. A robust DOA estimation method for a linear microphone array under reverberant and noisy environments.

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From Field to Studio: Production Sound and Field Recording

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