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But when you hear about dopamine in the press, it's usually a vague reference to the role of dopamine in the mesolimbic pathway — a small but important brain tract that connects a deep brain area called the nucleus accumbens to the frontal lobes. Even here, however, dopamine has differing effects because while the chemical is the same, there are various forms of receptors that detect the presence of dopamine but do something different, depending on their type.

The type that makes the glamour mags is the D2 family of receptors, which are affected by stimulants but are also linked to episodes of psychosis. It is no accident that too much speed or cocaine can make you paranoid.

The most widely accepted theory of what mesolimbic dopamine is supposed to do concerns its role as a feedback signal for predicting rewards. The theory goes that, a bit like me, it's the nerd at the pool party who gives a running commentary on how well you're doing with the temptations on offer.

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If you get lucky, a surge of dopamine signals a success, but — and this is where the "pleasure chemical" idea breaks down — it also signals when you only manage an uncomfortable near-miss. This works well when success depends on skill but falsely compels us in games of chance. Addictive drugs alter this motivational system but, crucially, this is not the same as their pleasurable effect.

Many long-term addicts report that they get little joy from their hit but that they still feel compelled to continue. It also seems that how the drugs affect the neurochemical signal is also key. If this is making your head spin, it's worth saying that there is much more down the dopamine rabbit hole, as the brain's motivational system is complex to the point where the neurotransmitter is also involved in motivation to avoid unpleasant experiences.

Even though it's wrong, it's just too useful a media prop to be tossed aside, like some half-smoked cigarette.

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After all, anything that can bring Kim and Katy to the party can't be an empty high… can it? Topics Neuroscience The Observer. Biology features. Reuse this content. Randem Tox Member Jul 15, Joined Feb 18, Messages 23 Likes Joined Apr 12, Messages 17 Likes 8. Veri Major Contributor Patreon Donor. Joined Feb 6, Messages 2, Likes 2, The manufacturer emphasizes that at a frequency of kHz DAC works in Bit-Perfect mode, but actually it does not make sense on the specified chip. Randem Tox said:. It's right there, smack-bang in the middle of the unit's front panel, clearly labelled. All measurements were made with USB input in the original review as stated.

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I can re-run one. Which one would you like? Joined Feb 27, Messages Likes The frequency response of the headphone changes with that high impedance. That change may be favorable or not depending on the headphone. Because If you try to use it as upsampling tool on Jriver or Audirvana it will be so loud coolers speed or just burn away your processor.

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Joined Aug 31, Messages 2, Likes 1, It's dangerous, plain and simple and Schiit need to recall the units and repair the lack of effective casework earthing. Please post a few pics of the internals- I think we need to see how well insulated the primaries are, both under the transformers and above.

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  4. Dismayed said:. I fell for their marketing, too. But the gear did work, and I never did electrocute myself. So maybe I was lucky. So perhaps Amir will advise on the safety aspects.

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    8. I have, however, sold off all of my Schiit on eBay. IdiotCustomer Member Jul 15, Joined Jul 15, Messages 26 Likes 7. Jimster Major Contributor Patreon Donor. Veri said:. That's something very curious. They claim support up to DSD, and even feature internal upsampling they call it "remastering" which is pretty lame up to DSD Just trying to understand.

      Joined Apr 21, Messages Likes PuX said:. I wonder why this company has so many fanboys.

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      And why those fanboys refuse to acknowledge the faults of these products. A bit like Apple in recent years.. DuxServit said:. There is a whole research field on Social Analytics that is trying to understand group-behavior and even to predict outcomes of groups of people under certain circumstances or constraints.

      People are NOT rational.

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      Despite what they say. This is true independent of education, social class, race, background etc. Another aspect is fearing to be left out, or be discovered to diverge from the current group opinion. Joined Jul 15, Messages 5 Likes 0. I had one person report that theirs was grounded so perhaps yours is too.

      Answering your original question, the risk of personal injury is exceptionally small. So for your own use I would not worry about it. The question becomes selling it without giving due notice to a buyer. And whether anyone would buy it if you gave them notice.